Easy Homemade Icecream


Vanilla Ice Cream Base Ingredients

  • 250 gms. chilled whipping cream
  • 200 gms condensed Milk
  • 5 -6 drops of vanilla essence

How to Make

  • Whip the cream slowly until soft peaks are formed.
  • Add condensed milk and beat the cream for about 7 - 8 mins.
  • Add vanilla essence to it.
  • Ice Cream base is ready Freeze in an airtight container for about 8 hours.
  • For Rainbow swirl add smashed chunks of Rainbow cake to the vanilla base ice cream and give it a shrill with your favorite fruit crush.
  • For overloaded ice cream, add chopped cashew nuts, pistachios, crushed oreo biscuits, candied fruits, tinned fruits in the vanilla ice cream base.
  • Lock it in airtight containers and freeze for 8 hours.
  • Take it out of the refrigerator and it is ready to serve.

And that's how you make Homemade Ice cream. We would like to thank Anshu for sharing this delicious recipe. You can check her page from here. Watch full video here.